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She lives in the deep, deep south. We tell stories and she asks me where we met; i don't remember. I lean back further into my chair and she stares committedly into the cup of coffee in her lap, thinking. I feel her thinking about me. After a while she tilts her head back and says "must have been the swamp then". I wonder if fireflies will be out tonight. Seems too still to know. 

*    *    *

about me

I was born in Texas, raised on the gulf coastline of Alabama. I received a BFA from Massey University in Wellington New Zealand in 2009 and a MFA from Goddard College, Port Townsend Washington in 2014. When I travel I like to try to get lost. I draw maps of my movements that sometimes (but don't always) lead me back home. 

*    *    *

artist statement

These are works about strangers, and what it may be to be estranged. These are works about the desire to be known and the impossibility of knowing. They are works that grapple with beauty and ugliness, with the history of high art, and with kitsch and sodium rich pop-culture. These are works about southern identity, story-telling and myth. And for better or for worse they are in part about the role of the artist, whatever you may assume about my own desire and predilections. Or maybe they are about none of those things, but something else entirely. 

*    *    *

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