She lives in the deep, deep south. We tell stories and she asks me where we met; i don't remember. I lean back further into my chair and she stares committedly into the cup of coffee in her lap, thinking. I feel her thinking about me. After a while she tilts her head back and says "must have been the swamp then". I wonder if fireflies will be out tonight. Seems too still to know. 

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about me

I was born in Texas, raised on the gulf coastline of Alabama. I received a BFA from Massey University in Wellington New Zealand in 2009 and a MFA from Goddard College, Port Townsend Washington in 2014. When I travel I like to try to get lost. I draw maps of my movements that sometimes (but don't always) lead me back home. 

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artist statement

These are works about strangers, and what it may be to be estranged. These are works about the desire to be known and the impossibility of knowing. They are works that grapple with beauty and ugliness, with the history of high art, and with kitsch and sodium rich pop-culture. These are works about southern identity, story-telling and myth. And for better or for worse they are in part about the role of the artist, whatever you may assume about my own desire and predilections. Or maybe they are about none of those things, but something else entirely. 

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From the desk of:

elizabet elliott

Artist/ Curator/ Writer/ FreelanceConsultant & Community Organizer

Iam an interdisciplinary artist with experience in both building andimplementing programs across a range of art/community contexts. I have workedon both educational initiatives, as well as arts programming in every media.


BFA,Painting, First Class Honors, MASSEY UNIVERSITY Wellington, New Zealand —2009

MFAof Interdisciplinary Art GODDARD COLLEGE, Port Townsend, Washington —2013

Professional Experience

Curatorof Programs, Mobile Museum of Art ½MobileAlabama September 2014- Present

Curatorof Adult Education, Mobile Museum of Art ½MobileAlabama March 2014- January 2015

Founder/ExecutiveDirector, The Rumor Union ½Mobile Alabama 2010- 2014

FreelanceProject Consulting/ Curating½ Mobile Alabama 2007- 2014

VicePresident, The Downtown Creative Wellness Foundation ½Mobile Alabama 2010-2012

PublicityWriter, Engine Room Gallery ½Wellington New Zealand 2007- 2009

Happy Birthday John Cage, Mobile, Alabama 2013

Incollaboration with the Mobile Museum of Art, acting as curator of communityengagement, my duties were to conceptualize, author, and implement a projectnarrative, recruit collaborating organizations such as the Mobile Arts Council,The Mobile Symphony, University of South Alabama, Springhill College, TheBotanical Gardens, Centre for the Living Arts, and several others to partner inthe planning stages of the project, and curating in programming devoted toeducating and inspiring thought on the work of experimental composer John Cage.

Memory Lab, Mobile, Alabama 2012

Collaborationbetween Rick Lowe of Project Row Houses, Tracy Hicks, and I, this is acommunity project that began at Space 301 Centre for the Living Arts with aninstallation called 301c, and has since branched out into communitydevelopment. My role has been to facilitate community engagement and voice inthe project through memory circles, and meetings that help inform our goals.

The Hive, Mobile, Alabama 2012- 2015

TheHive is a community work/learn space for local emerging artists in DowntownMobile. Based on a volunteer crew through The Rumor Union, The Hive providesfree-use equipment and materials and education, as well as affordablestudio/exhibition space.

The True Legend of Me Project, Mobile, Alabama 2011

Inthe Summer of 2011 we first ran this Project at Wilmer Hall, a residentialfacility for displaced youth. Local Artists across a number of disciplinestaught workshops over a fifteen week course, workshops directed to find and applya unique personal narrative. Each child developed a final project through a fiveweek one-on-one mentorship, utilizing what they learned across all creativedisciplines.  

The Night Market,Mobile, Alabama 2015-17

Thisis an monthly indoor market that features 30+ local makers selling handmade,and unique crafts of all kinds, including metalsmith jewelry, handcrafted soap,visual art, baked goods, ceramics, fiber arts, woodworking and originalfurniture. Each event includes a local music and food trucks.

LIVE @ The Museum Concert Series, Mobile, Alabama 2014-17

This is a monthlyconcert series that features the musical prowess of the South. The goal of thisconcert series is to connect the Mobile creative community of performers withan audience they may not normally reach, by offering an early evening listeningroom setting as an alternative to other late night venues in the area.

Temporal City Festival, Mobile, Alabama 2010- 2014

Thisis an annual festival that features ten interdisciplinary art installations inten derelict or unused buildings in Downtown Mobile. A map is created and toursrun alongside Arts Alive and Loda Music Festival as a way of activating‘negative space’ and inspiring our audience to re-imagine our downtownlandscape with an expanded notion of what is possible.

Freelance Labor Auctions, Mobile, Alabama 2010- 2013

Thisis a quarterly transient networking event. Freelance Auctions aspire to bindtogether the locally owned need and home-grown capability in the act ofvigilante economy. For skilled workers it equates to cash for capable people.For local business owners it works to build fruitful relationships in thecommunity.

Front Porch Sessions, Mobile, Alabama 2012

Thisis a performance series sited on the front porch of the 301 c installation atSpace 301. Over the course of 6 months we featured six performance artists,groups, or musicians in line with the monthly theme of Space 301’s MemoryProject.

Spoken Song Festival, Mobile, Alabama 2010

Thisis an annual festival inspired by imagining a world without music. Poets andMusicians are invited to perform in any style in order to unpack music as anact primarily of story-telling.


DO IT, Exhibition by Independent CuratorsInternational, Original concept Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mobile Museum of Art,Mobile Al. 2018

ART:WORK, Exhibition, Mobile Museum of Art Mobile Al.2015, 2016, 2017

REVERBERANT, A Performance Series, the Hive Mobile Al. 2013

FRONT PORCH SESSIONS, A Performance Series, Space 301 Mobile Al. 2012

TEMPORAL CITY FESTIVAL, An arts festival of performance, installationand new media works, Mobile, Alabama. Annual 2011, 2012, 2013

REDEMPTION, A Two Day Contemporary Art Event, MobileAlabama, 2009

WIFE, Deluxe, 7 Kent Terrace, Wellington New Zealand,Coordinated by Steven Templer, 2008

DO SOMETHING GENUINE, The Engine Room, Wellington New Zealand, 2008

MA MERE, Satori, Mobile, Al, Coordinated by SarahParvardeh, 2007 

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