blind project

The Blind Project was a collaboration between myself, Timothy Dixon, and Ryan Jetten. Timothy and Ryan chose each site, and transported me there blindfolded. Timothy carried me into each site and dropped me off, then keeping a 20 foot distance for a set duration while Ryan took 35 milometer photographs with a thrift store point and shoot, and i spoke into a dictaphone to record what i felt. The text blow in the transcription of those audio recordings. 

event 1 (5 min)

There is a concrete wall. i am in a corner. i am in the dark. the wall feels rough and painted over. there is grass underfoot. grass then gavel. i follow the wall and it ends at a pipe. i go into another corner then i am at a wall of open cinder blocks. there a hole in the cinder blocks and behind them brick. i reach into the holes as i follow the wall. there is dead grass. i can here cars. my feet are on gravel. The wall ends at another pipe, i am at the outside corner of a structure. there is a concrete ledge at my knee. the ground is smoother here. i am in the light. i feel the sun and a breeze. 

event 2 (5 min)

i hear water. i am carried to a spot. the ground is rough, i cant walk. it sounds like i am surrounded by water. the air is salty and warm. the ground is wet sand and large pieces of broken concrete. i am on a large iron pipe. i take off my shoes. i find wet wood, unattached. i find the waters edge. i wade into the water and the floor is slimy and soft. i wade out to my shins. i come back to the shore line. i can’t balance on the rocks. i use my hands. 

event 3 (5 min)

I am carried into brush. it feels like dead bamboo. tall stalks of dead leave create a barrier. i find a way through. i find grass. it is bright and the ground is dense grass. it feels unkept and tall. i cant feel anything around me. i walk and then crawl. the grass gets shorter and i feel dirt. I walk again. I hear people, it sounds like a basket ball court near me. the ground has an incline and i move forward, but feel nothing in front of me. i hear cars. i crawl again.

event 4 (5 min)

There is a metal bearing. i hit my head when i try to stand up. i feel a ladder. i follow the edge at the side. it is long and runs into more metal bearings, a sheet of metal and then wood. my legs hit a metal piece, there is a tire.there is grass underfoot. and now i am at a wooden fence. it is just taller than me. i follow it. it connects to a chain link fence. there are vines growing through. i reach through the vines and grab hold of the fence and try to follow it.

event 5 (5 min)

i am carried into the dark. i am on a concrete floor. i hear them talking. it smells damp and old. there is a metal handle. i am next to something enamel. it has knobs, i feel electric coils on top, it is an oven. i am next to a wooden bench. the handle is a miter saw. i figure out that i am in my garage. i find paint cans and wood on the floor. i find a metal chair that i put old frames on. i find the door. i am stopped before i can walk outside. 

event 6 (one hour)

Cathedral Square Park, Downtown Mobile. 

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