A Monstrous Feast delves into the connections between art, humor, and social dialogue. In this exhibition, interdisciplinary artist Colleen Terrell Comer (she/her) highjacks antiquity, and drives it headlong into the carnivalesque landscape of modern-day motherhood.Comer utilizes sculpture, painting, and performance to unpack assumptions about gender, productivity, and privilege within the context of both art-making, and private life. Employing the kitschy, vibrant and absurd aesthetics of her own domestic world, Comer creates humorous narratives that re-center the female body within a parody of art history and popular culture. These new narratives revive historical ideas around motherhood and feminine power within the trappings of present-day life. In a willful collapse between high and low, Monstrous Feast is a banquet of forms that redress social structures, self-image, and gender expectations with wit and levity.A Monstrous Feast was at ACAC July 10 - August 29, 2020 as the culmination of a year long artist in residency at Alabama Contemporary Art Center, and MFA thesis project at the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY.

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